Carding is a mechanical process that disentangles, cleans and intermixes fibres to produce a continuous web or sliver suitable for subsequent processing.

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Our privacy-oriented Jabber server is exactly what you need for secure communications. It's free and fully backed by Tor!

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Our international IRC network visited by 20k+ users daily offers a vast variety of free and semi-free services, maintained by volunteers. Anyone is allowed to develop and launch new services on the network, we even provide free VPS resources to projects we like.

We do care about maintaining a free speech atmosphere and ensure any underground content is allowed. We also have a channel for trading purposes, where vendors may announce their services in order to achieve popularity.

  • port 6697 (SSL) (Direct access)
  • port 6697 (SSL) (Direct access)
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In the past we were offering a high-bandwidth automated VPN service exiting to Tor. Currently, this service operation is suspended due to its high cost, but we will return the service soon, stay tuned to not miss.
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